10 Configuration Tips To Work Smarter In Windows Vista


This is the year’s best collection of tips for a safer, more enjoyable and more easy to use Vista that we are giving you here at RegistryHeal. Here is part one. 1-2. Fast Start menu Start menu in Vista is the most natural place to go when you want to start a particular program or […]

How Do I Remove Norton From My Computer Registry?


If you have a PC it should be protected by an antivirus program, plain and simple. However, sometimes it is time for a change in software and getting a new antivirus program means you may want to uninstall the old one. In this article we will discuss the easy removal of Norton Antivirus from your […]

What A Registry Cleaner Software Can Do For You

If you are the proud owner of a PC, then you will want to make sure you are able to keep your computer running like a well-oiled machine. One way to keep your computer functioning at an optimal level is by taking care of its registry, the hierarchical database that stores the important files needed […]

What Is The Best Registry Cleaner To Remove Old Software?

Put in the simplest of terms, Windows registry cleaners scan your PC’s registry and remove corrupt or useless files. The PC registry cleaners that are the best are designed with one specific goal in mind: to speed up your Windows OS, in an error-free manner. It sounds easy enough but sometimes the simplest goals are […]

Best Registry Cleaner – How To Choose The Best Software

As a consumer you know that quantifying something as the best can be difficult because subjectivity is what often clouds our judgments—we all have unique thoughts and needs that color our perception of what determines “the best”. However, when you spend your money you don’t want to spend it on subpar products—most consumers would usually […]

How To Fix DLL Errors – Learn First What DLL Errors Are And Solve Your DLL Error Problems Easily

While computers seem simple enough on the outside, underneath the plastic exterior is a complex and incredibly intricate machine that can meltdown or experience problems at any time. In fact, it is remarkable how well computers do function given all of the factors that must operate in sync with each other. Despite the fact that […]

Repair Error 1606

There are many errors that can occur in the Windows universe. Many of these errors throw users for a loop because they aren’t quite sure how to fix them—not all of us can be computer experts. The good news is, you don’t have to be an expert to fix PC errors. A little time and […]

Fix Windows System32 Error

System32 is a crucial component of the smooth operation of your Windows PC as it holds many of the files needed to run the Windows platform and all its features. Many PC users, particularly those who do not have a background in computers, experience a Systems32 error and they do not know what is causing […]

How To Fix Rundll Error And Having Rundll Error At Startup

Your PC is an intricate web of files, codes, and data that all work together to create the elaborate tapestry that is your user interface. Many people do not realize how important each small file is to the overall health of the computer—one corruption can mean the difference between being able to download a program […]

Windows Update Error: Windows Update Not Working?

There is nothing more irritating than having your workflow interrupted by an error message from your computer. If you are using Windows there is a good chance you will receive an error message at some stage. Even when you have taken the time and trouble to ensure you have regular Windows updates installed you can […]