How to Secure Outlook and Outlook Express


 Trusted mail clients are really necessary for the protection of your PC. It is also necessary and your duty to keep your mail client secure. It is one way of preventing email worms and viruses. These worms and viruses are big threats to the security of your PC. So if you haven’t started doing anything […]

When Your Computer Freezes Randomly – Easy Steps To Stop It

Computer freezes

If you’ve experienced the frustration of your computer freezing all the time, then a register cleaner might be worth looking into. Registry cleaners are software developed to work with Microsoft Windows and eliminate any redundant items in the Windows registry section of your computer. While having a clean registry is important, manually going through each […]

Why does my computer crash randomly?

my computer crash randomly

Computer crashes are a common problem for millions of people. A computer crash includes things like randomly shutting down without warning, freezing up, random reboots and random blue screens. There are various reasons why a crash occurs. Let’s take a look at the most common ones: Heat A computer that is overheating has an extreme […]

Windows Vista Registry Cleaner Software Part 1

windows vista

Even though Windows Vista is not the most popular of the Windows OS user interfaces, there are many people who still use it. This means that there are many people who need information on how to maintain their Windows Vista PC and its various components. One of the important components of the Windows Vista PC […]

What Is the Best Way to Repair Computer Registry You May Ask

best way to repair computer

PC registry is a term that is thrown around a lot these days especially since so many people are constantly logged into computers (and if you are not logged into an Apple then you are logged into a PC). As with all technological devices, the PC registry can be your best friend and then when […]

Computer Registry Maintenance Software To Clean Your PC

Computer upgrade

When you buy a PC you are making a major investment—computers may not be out of this world expensive but they are definitely not cheap. Hence, PCs are not something that most people can afford to replace on a whim, whenever they feel like it. This is why computer maintenance is so important: you want […]

How To Make My Computer Faster – Anyone Can Do This Easily!


There was a time when people expected their computers (and those pesky dial-up internet connections) to run slowly, but those days are long gone—the modern PC experience is all about speed. However, just because your computer can or should be fast doesn’t mean it always is. Sometimes computers can run slower than molasses. There are […]

How to Increase Computer Speed


Remember when computers and dial-up internet were slower than a tortoise? That used to be the norm for people, but those days are history. Today, people have the expectation that their computer should run as fast as the wind—and they are right. Computer should be speedy! However, we all know that computers have a tendency […]

Common Internet Explorer Problems In Windows


Despite competition from Google’s Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer still remains the King of the Web Browsers—it has been since its release in 1999. Many people use Internet Explorer because it is a familiar interface with a solid, reliable design. It is also compatible with nearly any website. Despite the fact that Internet Explorer […]

10 Windows Vista Configuration Tips To Make It Better


Yesterday we started to post the first part of the best collection of tips for a safer, more enjoyable and more easy to use Vista. And you don’t need a registry cleaner for this things. You can read that post here, 10 configuration tips to work smarter in Windows VIsta. Well here is tips 11-21. […]